New Vatican Policy

After the death of Pius XII in 1958 the anti-Communist stance of the Vatican markedly changed. Both his successors, John XXIII (1958-63) and Paul VI (1963-78) were favorable to Communism. The position of the Jesuits also shifted to Marxism, given that Communism seemed invincible in its advance against the West. The Jesuits became the power behind the so-called "Liberation Theology" in which Christian teaching was mixed with those of Marx & Lenin. Given the common links of Fascism and Communism, to earlier Jesuit policies and the Babylonian Mysteries, this switch is understandable.

Second Vatican Council

John XXIII called the Second Vatican Council in 1962, which was completed in 1965 under Paul VI.

The pronouncements of the Council were seen as major shifts from policies of persecution and archaic rites, viz. Latin in services. Those outside the Church were now seen as "separated brethren" rather than "heretics" Rome now openly joined the Ecumenical Movement. But was it really a change?

Behind the outward facade of the Ecumenical Movement the hand of the Jesuits can be seen sowing confusion and error within Protestant denominations. As the Ecumenical Movement grew, respect and love for the Bible declined.

This moderation is only applied where Romanists are in the minority and democracy is strong. Their persecution of locals in rural Mexico is an example, viz. the expulsion of 30,000 Christians from their homes, practicing a blend of bizarre Christianity and pagan religions. It's nothing new for Romanism and paganism to merge.

In other words, the Church of Rome is just using the Ecumenical Movement to weaken Protestant Churches - Union with minor concessions on their terms - nothing less than full-blown Romanism.

Ecumenism and the New World Order

The word is derived from the Greek "oikoumene" which means "world" and "earth" - thus the Ecumenical Movement is a "world" movement, or more accurately, it is about creating a one-world government and religion - another version of the New World Order of the Occult. Just like with Freemasonry the ordinary followers don't have any idea of the real agenda and sinister connections -- dressed up in a facade of Christianity.

Union of religions: viz. the EU's "Soul for Europe" project. The idea that all religions have an element of truth originated in Gnosticism and has since been carried forward by Freemasonry. The occult religions, Paganism, Islam, Romanism and Eastern Mysticism all come from the religion of Babylon. They therefore have a spiritual base for unity - which has nothing in common with Christianity.

Globalism in the USA

Many trace the current movement of global government and a single religion to illuminized Freemasonry. Control and influence in the USA is via connections, viz. most US presidents or their vice-presidents have been Freemasons or endowed foundations, set up by wealthy industrialists who were key figures in the occult. These foundations have shaped much of US education and social policies, and have consistently provided key advisors and officials to the US administration. The foremost of these is the Council on Foreign Relations (CFR) and the Federal Reserve System founded in 1913 - viz. it's not a state bank controlling the US $, it's a privately owned bank; largely controlled by Freemasonry.

Thus the heart of the US economy and administration is linked to the occult and Freemasonry. These measures have been brought in step by step and it's hard to expose, viz. by Congressman, since "they" also control the media - apart from dirty tricks to silence whistle blowers, like strange deaths.

The US Constitution is nevertheless still an obstacle in their way.

Note that the Masonic promoters of globalism at the end of the 19th century were linked to associates of Westcott, Hort and Blavatsky. There was a network of occultists in high places, including senior Anglicans and Balfour, the British PM.

Their League of Nations project in NY after WW I was a prototype of a world government. However, the US Congress rejected membership and the absence of the US and the growing contempt shown by the Fascist regimes in Europe led to its downfall. This is another example of how the different proponents of the New World Order have opposed and fought each other - God preserving his own by sowing confusion and division in the ranks of the enemy.

Following Hitler's downfall, the creation of the UN was another attempt to set up a world government - financed by leading Freemasons. Globalism and the occult have ever since significantly influenced it.

Kah exposes a series of interlinked organizations, viz. the Club of Rome and the Bilderbergers that stem from illuminized Freemasonry. These span many nations, each with a specific world region to promote the globalist agenda. Through the power of international banks, multi-national corporations and NGOs the sovereignty of nations has been weakened and their leaders constrained to follow the globalist agenda. The overall plan involves dividing the world in ten regions, that reflects the ancient plan that stems from the Mysteries to recreate the system of ten kingdoms of legendary Atlantis - the evil society that the Lord destroyed in Noah's flood.


From the interlinked occult organizations of Theosophy, viz., Lucis (Lucifer) Trust that has achieved considerable influence in the US government and the UN, and Freemasonry the New Age Movement appeared in the late '70s. But there is nothing NEW in its teaching; it was just a re-launching of the occult, witchcraft and Eastern Mysticism. The concept of New Age comes from Freemasonry. Viz. the 33rd Degree Masons' publication, the "New Age Magazine" - that has been changed to conceal the connection.

The god of the New Age, Lucifer, is the supposed illuminator of mankind, and is taught to be a "force" that can be used for good and evil. Lucifer is regarded to have a dark and light side. Therefore the contrast between black and white forms a common theme for secret symbols of the New Age. [Ying-Yang]

Within the New Age Movement it is believed that man can communicate and draw power from the spirit world, and step outside the limits of the human body = mastering the spiritual dimension - aided by being one with nature. New Age denies a personal and sovereign God. Man is not accountable, there is no ultimate arbiter of what is right, and wrong, apart from oneself - for it is believed, like in Freemasonry, that man can become god.

Altered consciousness

It is witchcraft and necromancy (dealings with the dead). Various forms of meditation, in which the mind is emptied and made pliable to receive communications from seducing spirits, attain it, firstly. In TM a mantra may be repeated in Sanskrit to the "shining one" or Lucifer. Yoga is said to be a harmless form of meditation, but don't be fooled!

Secondly via hypnosis, as in alternative medicine and extensively used by Jesuits, viz. Layola. It is said that Hitler used it to attain influence over people. The Jesuits' use of spiritism, Voodoo, hypnosis and psychology within the framework of the Church of Rome is frightening.

Thirdly tribal rhythmic drumming and rock music combined with drugs and flashing lights - all these a common feature of modern society -- linked to New Age. It's even applied on TV -- no wonder the Masons, Jesuits and Rome have extensive  control over the media and TV to promote the New World Order.


The New Age principle of striving to attain a new higher spiritual development is connected to the theory of evolution. Both are derived from the doctrine of reincarnation of Eastern Mysticism.

Another aspect of New Age teaching is the belief in oneness of nature, of which humans are part. It is expressed in the worship of the Gaia, the "Mother Goddess" or "Mother Earth" - another form of Semiramis, the wife of Nimrod. Viz. the worship of creation rather than the Creator, with a religious zeal to preserve nature. Viz. the Green Movement's link to the New Age.

Alternative Medicine, New Age and the Occult

…non-physical forces can be manipulated to effect healing. Viz. in holistic medicine = treatment of the whole person, mind, body and spirit. Viz. homeopathy, reflexology and crystal healing.

The founder of homeopathy was the German mystic physician, Hahnemann, a Freemason deep into the occult, viz. mesmerism and hypnosis - contemporary of Weisthaupt.

Quite different from genuine herbal medication, ingredients are repeatedly diluted in homeopathy, until no molecule of the original agent remains. Hahnemann refers to this process of dilution and shaking as "ritual potentiation." Viz. the healing becomes cosmic power transferred to the remedy by the ritual of potentiation - power or vital force = divine, a living force in nature. All straight from the occult and New Age.

Destruction of the Family

It already started in the Garden of Eden. The gross immorality of the Mysteries and the Occult strike at the sanctity of marriage. Plato proposed the destruction of the family in his Communist Republic of ancient Greece. One of the main methods in our day is to weaken the child's bond with the parents during formative years.

Rome's links to the New Age

Many leading figures in the US are connected with New Age and Freemasonry - ultimately the illuminized Jesuits and their zeal for the Church of Rome.

One of the principle bridges in the last 40 years between the Church of Rome and Protestant denomination has been the Charismatic movement. This is because the same supposed gifts have appeared across the religious divide. Many have seen this as a sign that God is working in both and call for union. However, the Charismatic Movement has been a device of the Jesuits to undermine Protestant churches and to bring union with Rome. Charismatic healers in the Church of Rome are using the "force" of the occult, viz. Kathryn Kuhlman who was a hypnotist and a secret agent of the Church of Rome. So was Jim Jones, a Romanist with many influential friends in high places. As well as being connected with the Ecumenical and Charismatic Movement, he was secretly a Jesuit and a warlock (male witch). His hypnotic and occult influence led many thousands to follow him as a cult leader and the death of many in mass suicide in Guyana.


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