Words and scriptures to me 

  1. 5409"No one will take you from my hand" (John 10:28); "You will not be tempted above your strength". (1 Cor 10:13) - Sept 1954
  2. 6801 "Yes - marry her "(Car to Upington, Dec.'67)
  3. 8212* He then said to me: "Son of man, go now to the house of Israel and speak my words to them Ezekiel 3:4 (20 Dec.1982)
  4. 8301/02* "My grace is enough for you" (Kommetjie Crst, 1983)
  5. 8309* If the prince makes a gift from his inheritance to one of his servants, the servant may keep it until the year of freedom; then it will revert to the prince. Ezekiel 46:16
  6. 8410 Pray for his foot.
  7. 8601 " ......And then you will wait for Doriet to finish!"....."When are you going?" (Muckleneuk Jan 1996)
  8. 860927* Both Ockie & Dorit received the following scripture:  Jer 10:17 Gather up your belongings to leave the land, you who live under siege. That night I dreamt about the Isralites being 40 yrs in the desert at Shimoni = 4 yrs (Because we didn't make it)
  9. 860927 "Don't be ashamed of my honor" 1986 -- FR: "...'n vlugteling sal kom van Jlm..."
  10. 8705? * "You will be a priest and a king to my people Israel and to my brother Ishmael" - Melchizedek (Saliklani, May 1987)
  11. * "There was no one to intervene". Isaiah 59:16 (Meat Board 1987)
  12. The Lord zapped me with these words, "Pride comes before the fall!" - when I was blazť over how well we were coping with Ockie's death (in His grace).
  13. 881211 To me: "Your year of morning is over"; to Marie: "Tomorrow is a new day" - 11 Dec. 88
  14. Saliklani pergola: "But your ministry isn't to your own people!" To Marie: "as you  yearn to be able to hold your son against you and hug him, so I also yearned to hold my people Israel against  me and hug them" ........."Go and tell them" 9002
  15. "You have been set aside!" (Meat Board Apr. 1990)
  16. I am going to restore your marriage. (Aminadav Sept. 1991)
  17. Be silent, don't argue. Song, "Be still my soul.." (Aminadav Sept. 1991)
  18. The Lord hasn't even hardly begun to do and fulfil all of his will and purpose in your life. Jeremiah says, "I know the thought and plans I have for you..." Young woman at the ICEJ. (~Oct 1991- ICEJ devotions).
  19.  "Do what your hand finds to do. (Kemps Dec. 1991) 
  20. * "Great is his faithfulness; his mercies begins afresh each day. Lam..3:23 (Christmas 1991)
  21.  * Go back to your family?! (Kemps, Feb. 1992) ...........................???.. 
  22. My family is: Luke 8:21 He replied, "My mother and brothers are those who hear God's word and put it into practice. (Freek, June 1998) 
  23. If you love your wife more than me....(Kemps, Feb. 1992) Luke 14:26 "If anyone comes to me and does not hate his father and mother, his wife and children, his brothers and sisters--yes, even his own life--he cannot be my disciple. 
  24. "Don't sign ANYTHING" (Kemps, March. 1992)
  25. You are my Guinea pig (Feb. 1992)
  26.  Lord chuckling over something he was going to do - concerning the divorce.
  27. * I have given you an open door - in Il. (Jakov, Aminadav, 1992) Revelations 3:8 I know your deeds. Behold, I have put before you an OPEN DOOR WHICH NO ONE CAN SHUT.
  28.  Zippori: "Do what Tal neglects to do" 
  29. "You wanted to be in Israel! Now be satisfied" Tzipori '94.
  30. Moshe will be a giant for me - related to body building 
  31. I'm giving you another bridge (Freek 1994)
  32. * Released to re-marry - (Cyprus, Jan. 1995) Matt 19:9 And I tell you this, that anyone who divorces his wife, except for fornication, and marries another, commits adultery."  TLB
  33. "Don't retaliate!" (Against Betsy, Zippori Feb. 1995)
  34.  I am giving you another talented woman (Zip. March 1995)
  35.  I'm giving you a new song in your heart! (Zip. Apr.1995) 
  36. You're part of it!! (Jlm. June 1995)
  37.  "Use what you have" (Jlm. ~June 1995 ref. to my notebook pc) 
  38. "With respect" - should we make love. (Jlm. June 1995)
  39. "I am your friend, Israel is my child" (Foodbank June 1995)  
  40. I will not share my glory with a woman (Jlm July 1995)
  41. "You're driving in her dust!" 
  42. The three palm trees at Baptist House. (14 Oct. 1995)  
  43. It will end your isolation. (Applied to Petra?) (Palm Jan. 1996)
  44. You will have all these things (tech), but it will not [necessarily] be yours (Freek 1996)
  45. 961001. Psalm 105:18 Joseph in prison - tested his patience. 
  46. 961006. Psalm 106:5 Let me share in your CHOSEN one's prosperity - accent on CHOSEN. 
  47. Went North (Nov. 1996) as I had felt I should (Jlm. June 1995 - living with Dov & Ina) 
  48. What about your camera (Jan. 1997- when I wanted to return from Israel) 
  49.  Lead from Tuula about emerging Anti-Semitism in SA (Feb.1997)
  50. "Find your contacts on the Internet" - vs local amusement  (SA June 1997) 
  51. This is a farewell visit to SA (Prince Albert, 24 Dec. '97) 
  52. Get rid of your (extra) wine (Freek Jan.'98) - I was going to leave 
  53. This is how you must remember her (My mother - hospital 16 January 1998)
  54.  Go to the widow (Freek Feb.'98)
  55. Go this week (Centurion, 16 Feb.'98 - fly a week earlier) 
  56. "I wanted to make you great" (KOK, Feb.'98) - via Dream Collections
  57. You won't make it in Jlm without your family (Petra, Feb.'98) 
  58. After I hurt my back (May 1998): "Re-think this thing with Marie" 
  59. "She's always had these private cravings, which have caused her to want to have a separate life" (Freek, May 1998) 
  60. I'm giving you another bridge (Freek, June 1998) - Lenchen Bridge
  61. Vision of a chicken trying to peck his way out of an egg. (4 Sep 98) 
  62. "Remember what I've made you" - Afrikaner an irrelevant culture. (Sep 98)
  63. * Without a Temple (in SA) and divine law (My children - Lam 2:9 )(19 Sep 98) 
  64. I'm still relevant in my children's lives, but not in Marie's.  (Sep 98) 
  65. "You have gone full circle" - promise to fulfillment? (25 Sep 98)--concerning Marie (Jorik returned 27 Sep 98?
  66.  Futility of the last yrs: dry boreholes in the kalahari (29 Sep 98)-but there had been "living water"!! 
  67. * New Circle started when I again received Ezekiel 2:3 He said: "Son of man, I am sending you to the Israelites.....with my messages (10 Oct.98)
  68. * The messages are words Ezekiel and others received that have a bearing on our day (12 Oct.98) 
  69. OBSERVE. Receiving this word, meant my ministry changed from "serving" to "observing" Palm Nov '98. 
  70. "Cannon fodder". Romanians at New Gate.
  71. "What if I hold back the rain", and later... "to forge a confrontation with the Palestinians" 
  72. "Last time you need attend one of their meetings". Har Tsion (April 1999)  
  73. "You'll have one" - a 640 Epson Printer. 
  74. "What if you need to teach one of them something about computers" - hypothetical 
  75.  "It is going to be prestigious to be involved with Holy Land Inc." 
  76. "Where are you going, I've given you an out" Har Tsion Celebration.
  77.  Something big is going to be birthed here (Schonat Tikva) 
  78. "...many will court your favor..." Job 11:19 (Marie Venter)
  79. Transfer your telephone line to HLM.
  80. Lord about his "What if you have to teach one of them something about computers?" Refers to the Africans at Men's Full Gospel Business Ministry ("What if" is hypothetical)
  81. CONTINUITY (3 Nov. 1999 at about 7 pm as I cycled to  Beit Immanuel to go and work). It referred to going back to marry Marie. It was linked with "observe" 
  82. "This is all you need to read" - first part that came through of MB's fax.
  83. "You are going to begin receiving interest" - on my investment in heaven -- linked to oom Henry being there to audit my investment. (Nov. '99)
  84. The message to the Biermans that I will do more work for them if they quit the Spanish Congregation and move north. 
  85. Lord caused Mary-Jane to be ill so that I could go to this singles thing in Haifa to get to know Pola. 
  87. What you have are these words, it doesn't matter that some were given under severe conditions, they are still my words to you" - night in HLM's machsan in Beit Immanuel.
  88. Your are a king you have a right to decide what you want to do - 1 Nov. 1999 at Beit Immanuel - referred to what I should do for Tanya - carry on being a consultant.
  89. You're too involved with Holy Land Ministries, distance yourself from the running of the ministry!" - 8 Jan. 2000
  90. "Hug her and tell her my power needs to be conveyed to her by a man " (Kim - it's a spiritual principle).
  91. Holyland-inc domain is like a pregnant animal waiting to give birth to puppies - projects.
  92. A midwife is needed for these births.
  93. "She is going to miss you" - the seminar in Haifa. (Shabbat 19/2/00). The next day she phoned me to ask me to come and show her how to work the video and for some music.
  94. "I showed you my choice" - By disabling Mary-Jane to go to Haifa. (Daniel showed up and I thought he might bring word from Mary-Jane).
  95. Saw Doriet falling as if an umbilical cord was cut - at Adonai Roi -- sensed danger to her
  96. "Pola is the key to getting Doriet back". She needs to stand in the gap for Doriet. (Because she's an intercessors and her ability to minister to half drunk people at rock concerts, etc.)
  97. Nicky: Warning that she is rape prone.
  98. "She saw in your eyes what I want her to see there" - Adonai Roi 000226.
  99. Doriet is a Refusenik 
  100. Fax program appearing on my screen to remind me to send a fax  to confirm cancellation of my Aquanet account - 000305 
  101. Materialism in the US: Strong man = "American Dream" 000305 (Big fat demon) 
  102. "What about Doriet?" I was despondent about the unsettled life I need to lead and thinking about the one permanent solution: marry Marlena. L's comment: "What testimony is there in that?" Confirmed my suspicion that I wasn't to marry an Israeli. My wife was to share my willingness to live as I did.
  103. 000312 "You stand alone before me!" I wailed about standing alone before him! It was during the service at Adonai Roi. I was tired and lonely, but apart from saying this to me, the Lord also refreshed me! (Roy preached)
  104. Rafael: Ezek 24:16 "Son of dust, I am going to take away your lovely wife. Suddenly, she will die. Yet you must show no sorrow. Do not weep; let there be no tears. TLB .. 000312 19pm.
  105. 1 Samuel 2:6 "The LORD brings death and makes alive; he brings down to the grave [one woman] and raises up [another woman]. 000314
  106. Residency via Doriet: Rafael But she has to be living here. "Not making it without your family" gets new meaning. 
  107. Wedding day 000316.  Saw a vision of an umbilical cord being cut at 7:45pm. Our marriage must have been consummated by about 9pm that evening.
  108. A clear sense that Pola will be the woman.
  109. Dream about a blond woman - 000317.
  110. 000325 There is a woman who will say, "But we got along so well!" 
  111. Entertained a girl I'd met in the corridor. She, Anja, was  the blond woman in the dream.
  112. 000324 "I started the breakup of your family by taking Ockie" - . "I didn't necessarily call the whole family"
  113. 000330 Dream about walking away from a disappointing relationship (could have been with Marie) and walking tall, standing out higher than the other people in the street.
  114. "Words" saying I will remain single outweigh those saying I'll get married by a large margin. 
  115. My pleas to take away my infatuation with Pola were heard.  
  116. When desire turns compulsive, it becomes sin - sex, alcohol, etc. 
  117. 00402 Men at the shelter were not homeless, they were bums who chose to live the way they did. HLM will not receive the authority to deal with them. 
  118. 000411 Lord set up George in Jlm just at this time when I needed other accommodation. 
  119. The word "Coordinate" dropped into my thoughts as I was meditating about the future of Holy Land inc., possibly centered at Tanya's building. 000414.
  120. Find someone else to start a praise ministry in TA instead of the Biermans.
  121. Neville phoned to say that he could bring my bike, which answered my question, "How long is it going to be, should I take my bike?"
  122. Mary Jane phoning me from the US made me realize that the meaning of "But we got along so well!" was that I should follow my heart.
  123. Steer from the Lord: co-inciding of the day MJ arrives (10th) with the deadline at George's place = "GO FOR MJ" this co-incidence is relevant concerning the future - I was totally wrong.
  124. Confirmation that Efrocine should continue with a business came from a word of knowledge that Israel sits in the gates. He was a Prov 31 husband. Consequently she was supposed to be a Prov 31 wife.
  125. The Lord gave me the idea to advertise for a web consulting partner - Shabbat 3 June.
  126. I set the day aside to pray about getting Marie to return to Israel. I felt the Lord said, "She dropped me too,"  that he somehow needs to get her back to Israel - not for my sake, but in obedience to him. 12 July 2000
  127. The Lord high-lighted the word INCORPORATED in Holy Land Incorporated. 17 July 2000. Incorporate my family.
  128. Palestinians training boys: "they're going to lose their whole male population" 17 July 2000.
  129. Word that the wedding day is actually the husband's day, because he receives an anointing on that day to rule a household - for Jorik.
  130. Samuel's Mountain (Gibeon) = G's alternative mountain. Jews own the whole mountain except for the farm owned by a Jordanian.
  131. Efrocine's vision of a train with a stopover. 
  132. Israel and Vitali provoke the Arabs.  
  133. Marlene didn't have anything for me.
  134. 000815. No doors have opened for me to move back to Tel Aviv, which highly frustrated me. But then the Lord gave me 1 Peter 4:19:  So then, those who suffer according to God's will should commit themselves to their faithful Creator and continue to do good. 
  135. 000822. I realized, "You won't make it in Israel without your family!"  could refer to a new family. Viz., advice to Jorik (000424) to get himself a new family could have been prophetic! Will I go to the US then?
  136. 000827. I received another "do good" word in Psalm 11:7 God is good, and he loves goodness; the godly shall see his face.* or *his face shines down in mercy and joy upon the good.
  137. 000830. Psalms 16:5 LORD, you have assigned me my portion and my cup; you have made my lot secure. 6 The boundary lines have fallen for me in pleasant places; surely I have a delightful inheritance. - It probably refers back to the prince and the slave of 1983 -- was I going to receive my inheritance (Ezekiel 46:16).
  138. 000901. 000830. Psalms 16:7 I will praise the LORD, who counsels me; even at night my heart instructs me.
  139. 000904.  As the intercessors bless the mountains of Israel, the Lord will remove the Arabs living on them.
  140. 000906. Received: Joel 2:26 You will have plenty to eat, until you are full, and you will praise the name of the LORD your God, who has worked wonders for you; never again will my people be shamed.
  141. 001030. Psalm 67:2 Send us around the world with the news of your saving power and your eternal plan for all mankind.
  142. 001203. "You're nobody's captive audience, ... you're my witness!" To Dominiquae.
  143. 001213. I'm giving you a new song in your heart! (Zip. Apr.1995). Repeated with Psalm 96:1 on 960913 and again this day -- "Sing a new song to the Lord...".
  144. 001213. Woke at 3am with thoughts about going to Zipori to experiment with the plastic crates the Lord been giving me over the last weeks. As confirmation I was reminded of "You've gone full circle" -- from the idea about the crates to its execution. Also confirmed by Psalm 96:1. It was indeed time for the new song.
  145. 001213. Psalm 67:2, "Send us around the world..." confirmed by Psalm 96:1, "Sing a new song to the Lord! Sing it everywhere around the world".
  146. 001213. Psalm 96:3 confirms that it is by means of publishing not actual traveling: "Publish his glorious acts throughout the earth. Tell everyone about the amazing things he does.
  147. 001229. Again Psalm 105:18. Joseph in prison, but: 19 until God's time finally came--how God tested his patience!
  148. 010101. Again Psalm 106:5, but starting at 4 Remember me too, o Lord while you are saving and blessing your people. 5 Let me share in your CHOSEN one's prosperity and rejoice in their joys, and receive the glory you give to them.
  149. 010102. "I didn't bring you here to harm you, but to prosper you!"
  150. 010105. I will praise you everywhere around the world in every nation. Ps 108:3
  151. 010108. "Don't go to Jlm for the demo, I will do what I will do"--in spite of the demo
  152. 010110. "Your name is Philip, isn't it". Ref. to cycling to Jlm.
  153. 010118. Psalm 119:46 I will speak of your statutes before kings and will not be put to shame.
  154. 010129. "From a gentile perspective. (A dream that woke me).
  155. 010207. All thoughts of marrying Marlena out of desperation was banished by the re-affirmation that I had been set aside and scriptures about "obedience" and "trust" - Was also reminded of the dream about the "practical marriage"  Ps 128:1 Blessings on all who reverence and trust the Lord-on all who obey him!  TLB
  156. 010207. The card of the Eilat shelter I had picked up at their sister hostel in Haifa had been a direct lead - for later.
  157. 010327. "Seek ye first..." includes to fulfill my calling according to his will: EXCLUDES A REGULAR LIFE.
  158. 010420. Marrying Marlene will make you a REGULAR person. (Ruven & Janiet seminar).
  159.  010423. "A priest to my people Israel and my brother Ishmael" in a framework of Jews and Arabs combined in Zionism. 
  160. 010423. Dream of the Indian wife.
  161. 010428. Vision of the package on a shelf of my bed cupboard.
  162. 010507. God's PROMISES have no expiry date - Batja outside the Dutch Embassy when I couldn't get a visa. It was the first direct confirmation of the Lord's promises to me in 1987.
  163. 010517. "Monastery" 010518. St Anthony, Kapman, the two Jewish school boys. "They were you're appointment!"
  164. 0010620. "Aspirins costs as much as a bottle of liqueur, which give quality to life!" - Kfar Sava
  165. 010626. Since I couldn't cycle to Jlm, I decided to take a bus with my bike from a place as close to Jlm as I could get. Prayed about it and immediately received "LATRUN".
  166. 010713. "I moved you to Jerusalem because the enemy is going to hit Tel Aviv".
  167. 010802. "Shaul killed his thousands, but David his ten thousands". Indicated that another general will be appointed to replace Shaul Mofaz.
  168. 010903. Prayed about my future and saw a vision of an empty corner. That day Sherrie phoned about a website.
  169. 010924. Psalm 50:14.15 "...I want your promises fulfilled..." As I was praying about this John Saxton phoned...
  170. 011001. Christian refugees to Israel. Will it become my ministry?
  171. 011030. "The older brother will serve the younger brother". Could it have to do with Kibbutz Ironit?
  172. 011111. Fritz confirmed that Isa 17 is imminent - Gary's view in July.
  173. 020317. Battle at BR over Mayan resembles the battle in the country. Gov giving up.
  174. 020522. John 6:5 When Jesus looked up and saw a great crowd coming toward him, he said to Philip, "Where shall we buy bread for these people to eat?"
  175. 020525. The word "REFUGEE" popped up. I immediately suspected that it might be the basis for a future application for residency.
  176. 021004 I've thrown in my weight with IL - not the church (day George's TV fell)
  177. 030302 The Foundation of Islam needs to be SHAKEN
  178. 030520 Needs to be a NC Temple to avoid legalism.
  179. 030526. Dream about a woman in Jlm
  180. 031030 Seeing all the campers in Tahoe first caused me to desire to have one. Then I realized the best way to explore conquered territory in Israel would be like Abraham, by camping wherever I arrive. The vision of a camping enterprise with campers and campsites was born. I realized my homeless situation, with nowhere to pitch a tent, served to draw my attention to the absence of campsites in Israel. 031031 Execute new camping vision by creating a website - http://holyland-camping.tripod.com.
  181. 031118 Psalms 92:10 But you have made me as strong as a wild bull. How refreshed I am by your power! 11 With my own eyes I have seen the downfall of my enemies;  with my own ears I have heard the defeat of my wicked opponents. NLT (Strong ref to my hard work at Marie's)
  182. 031129 Sing to the LORD; bless his name. Each day proclaim the good news that he saves. 3 Publish his glorious deeds among the nations. Tell everyone about the amazing things he does. Psalms 96:2-3 NLT
  183. 031204 "Hear my voice, my people: you'll know it's me when the walls come tumbling down; from the dust will rise a new reality, a new day!" Ezek 13:14 I will break down your whitewashed wall; it will fall on you and crush you, and you shall know I am the Lord? TLB.
  184. 031209 Girl at San Franciso security check saying re all the food in my luggage: "Are you going camping" - another confirmation of camping?!?!
  185. 031209 Left my watch (of 24 yrs) at JFK airport = sign of a new phase?
  186. 040102 Leads I had received were not leads, just a statement the Lord was making = Bettie, "Boer-Jood" (Jesse) and Ellis farm. Did it mean my volunteering days were over?
  187. 040102 Lord mentioned that he sent the disciples with a purse the second time - does it mean that he was going to give me a purse?
  188. 040104 Spent a lot of time in my morning devotion to find out where my "purse" is going to come from. I ended up with thinking about my concept of a book about God's scheming in my life - based on E-Journal.
  189. 040111 Met George by the Lord's appointment right at the door of KoK. He clearly heard: "Invite him!"
  190. 040116 Realized I would only get recognition from my family and others around the time when "TEN from the nations will grab one Jew by the sleeve." 
  191. 040121 (America? BR?) will go down like the Titanic! (See 031204)
  192. 040122 Heard the name "Tel Hashomer."
  193. 040123 George mentioned $20m
  194. 040125 It occurred to me that I pester my family with Israel because it is our Promised Land as well - based on our banning from Israel for 4 yrs after our failure to settle in 1986. 
  195. 040203 Occurred to me that Jorik's sign to sell out in Tahoe would be something dramatic happening in Israel.
  196. 040225 "YOU DON'T HAVE BECAUSE YOU DON'T ASK!" When I said, "But I'm asking you!": "Ask the people!"
    Sent out associates.html. Could be that the Lord wanted some people to know I have a solution.
  197. 040229 Prophet is not honored before what he has prophesied is fulfilled - only then will people start asking for me! Ezek 33:33 But when all these terrible things happen to them-as they will-then they will know a prophet has been among them." TLB
  198. 040318 I read about God dealing with enemies; realized that the argument that Jesus has changed everything only applies to those who are in him - the OT still applies to others until they have chosen to be part of the NC.
    Ps 141:5 But I am in constant  prayer against the wicked and their deeds. 6 When their leaders are condemned,  and their bones are strewn across the ground, then these men will finally  listen to me and know that I am trying to help them.
  199. 040323 I complained bitterly to the Lord that my lack of provision is a bad testimony - esp. to Dorit, but then he reminded me that she had written to me, a sign of recognition in spite of her not having received my birthday e-mail.
  200. 040404 I felt the Lord wanted me to go to the King of Kings service to show me whether Maggie was the woman or not. But she wasn't there. Her friend Vivien was there though, but it only occurred to me as I was praying some days later, that the Lord "showed" her to me!
  201. 040411 I got the impression that what I had perceived to be "the ravens" providing for me, had ceased.
  202. 040423. Visited Ted & Avi to mention to Ted that I feel Beit Shemesh is going to be the place. While Ted was frantically trying to find a way for me to survive, I heard: "...bekommer jou nie oor wat jy sal eet of aantrek nie" (It was the day George left for his conference in the UK).
  203. 040511. For some days the word VINDICATE (justify) slipped my mind as I prayed about my soon to be homeless situation. But the word Redeem (save) kept on appearing. After a day of heavy attack from George,VINDICATE again popped up in my morning prayers.
  204. 040511. In line of additional confirmation that the Lord will act to redeem/vindicate me, he brought up "SET ASIDE" in my pre-sleep prayer -- as if to say, "It's fourteen years and its OVER!!"  See 050827
  205. 040512. Jesus saying: "Foxes have dens..."
  206. 0405214. Freemasons are builders, and since their members have basically ruled Israel from the beginning and they are the ones who mostly made these bad decisions about Israel's Moslem enemies (in accordance with Freemason plans) and negotiated with them. They are , therefore, in effect the whitewashers that will go down. Hopefully physical walls will also go down - esp. the Temple Mt.
  207. 040515. Heated debate with George showed me that Christians are going to be confused when God starts blessing Israel in spite of them not having accepted Yeshua
  208. 040518. Gearge kicked me out on the 16th. Sleeping in Aminadav Forest on my way to Bet Shemesh: "Sleeping in the forest is the beginning of Holy Land Camping."
  209. 040519. Rain from a cloudless sky! (Lord does not need clouds for rain)
  210. 040625 Praying about the problem with Hadassah's freezer: "With the problem comes the solution."
  211. 040629 Praying in tongues under the badgering of the Harrells was "to confuse their demons!"
  212. 040720 Prayed about "WHEN" the wall will come down, when I received another "WHEN," that I had received before:"When Jonathan Pollard dies in prison!" It refererred to what will be the beginning of America's demize.
  213. 040725  Let my establishment in Israel first be a "fait a compli" before I approach Vivienne or any other woman. Later realized it might have to do with my residency  as well as my office/accommodation - the whole package, including a bank acct. Approaching Viv. might also have been for her to make a choice - natural spiritual life or all super spiritual -- married vs. prayer meetings, etc..
  214. 040719 :"You'll hear my power in my rumbling(s)." Rev 8:5 Then the angel took the censer, filled it with fire from the altar, and hurled it on the earth; and there came peals of thunder, rumblings, flashes of lightning and an earthquake. NIV
  215. 040728 Tomorrow is Friday!! (Proved just to be a statement, not that something specific was going to happen)
  216. 040731/0801 Slept little, puzzling about the Lord's tolerance of the Muslems being all over the OC and e. Jlm - having prime shops tourists pass by -- and occupying God's T.Mt. Then I clearly perceived that every building that prominently displays the Dome of the Rock is going to be brought down.
  217. 040803. Build a canopy over Sderot.
  218. 040907  Gen 14:22 But Abram replied, "I have solemnly promised Jehovah, the supreme God, Creator of heaven and earth, 23 that I will not take so much as a single thread from you, lest you say, 'Abram is rich because of what I gave him!'  (As I consider moving back to Sam's Mt. - same argument as with: "I won't share my glory with a woman!")
  219. 040925. Motzei Shabbat. Reminded me that KOK needed a guard - as I prayed on my mattress on the roof of the Petra.
  220. 041016. When my residency was turned down and I had to leave, I noticed that  Psalms 92: (031118) said: 11 With my own eyes I have seen the downfall of my enemies;  with my own ears I have heard the defeat of my wicked opponents. I would see it with my own eyes!! Connect it to, 040719 :"You'll hear my power in my rumbling(s)." .
  221. 041026? Called 6:15, "Philip" to wake me because the workers were going to arrive1
  222. 041027 About being set aside: funds are also being set aside for me. (My situation where I needed to leave the Pavilion and not having money.)
  223. 041027. Wain was outright mean about me still around - "are you still here.." -- not caring where I would find a place to stay. I got the impression that I'm also being subjected (as a set aside person) to test the love of the brethren - for blessings or curse.
  224.  041027 "What they don't realize is that you're taking your 'ROYAL GUARD'" with you!
  225. 041221 The time at BR is going to be a time of refreshing.
  226. 041027  "What will Wayne be if I should take away his family?
  227. 050805 "Get the Grapevine!" (There was an ad for an apt in Modiin in it)
  228. 05 0809 "Get the Grapevine" indicates that I need to leave the OC. 2 Cor 6:17 Therefore "Come out from among them. And be separate, says the Lord. NKJV (I might have a 4 man tent to be able to store my things) Also confirmed that Modiin was the place to go - ad of apartment
  229. 050826 Realized how little there has always been between Marie & me - just sex, except for the brief years after her salvation - until 1996 when we departed for Israel and she felt no joy in going there.
  230. 050827 I panicked about being caught without a visa, but then realized that I should submit to being set aside to walk with Him and trust Him ... Then as I prayed, the words, "you are an ASTOUNDING God came out of my mouth!!! (Back to 040511)
  231. 051019 I realized that Israel would be the military forc in Isa 17 based on the scriptures that specifically mention that Israel will excecute God's judgment on her neighbors and rule over her enemies. Specific mention is made of Israel conquering Edom and Moab and take their land.
  232. 051020. I realized as I prayed the morning that didn't have the word "REFUGEE" as a keywords at my websites - specifically HL-Inc. HL Camping, Highway and Zionsake. It was certainly the Lord who pointed this out and urged me to rectify the situation straight away. The day before I'd also added my Israeli bank acct to my websites.
  233. 051024 Met a Dutch man at the hostel who confirmed Isaiah 17 (from Zech 5: 40th lash, flying scroll, evil lady in the lead basket taken by two flying ladies to Babylon.
  234. 051114 I entered into some serious praying and the Lord came through, telling me to go and look for a little space in a semi-industrial area in Modiin, close to the airport, that he'd shown me before. I was to ask my Israeli friend John Saxton to join me and to start the project (Holy Land Camping) "vagabond-style" -roughing it for a while by living at the premises we find for an office and a workshop. 
  235. 011116 John agreed to go, but appeared to be dragging his feet a little in getting to the bus stop, because he's never really seen as being part of my camping project. So I prayed, "please Lord, show him something that will 'turn him on' and show him that this from you." As we approached our destination (on foot), we saw a lot of potential in the form of unused hothouses, storerooms and shacks, and the second inquiry we made landed us inside a storeroom that made John exclaim, "Hey I can build a boat here...!"
  236. 051117 I wrote a letter to my list, including Jorik & Cat, to ask for help with the rent of the factory and to raise venture cap., but the thought came up that "the bubble must first burst!" - before I will get support. I was thinking of Jorik
  237. 051126  I tried to get an indication from the Lord whether something was going to happen on Shabbat 26th, the day of the showing of the film about the "Mourning of the Syrian Bride." I didn't receive anything the Friday evening, so I asked the Lord to say something in a dream. I slept badly and was half awake when I heard someone saying that sounded like "On the 27th the women will dress." Meditating about it, I realized it had to do with "Peace, Peace ...dressing the wounds of my people." My praying in tongues following that came like an urging on, a rapid repetition of words that could mean something like "DO IT..., DO IT..., DO IT..., DO IT...!"
  238. '051128 Re. the fact that I have a "ROYAL GUARD" should also mean that I can issue "ROYAL DECREES." I can therefore turn all my BELIEF STATEMENTS into DECREES! (Esp. since they are based on scripture and actual facts about the legal and historic rights of Israel.)
  239. 051127 I realized that in our praying in tongues we could be expressing the Lord's judgments and curses over people and their institutions without knowing it.