Set Aside

"You have been set aside!" (Meat Board Apr. 1990)


 It lasted 14 yrs 1 month
Represented the time Jacob worked for his wives; 2x7=14
The 2nd 7 years started in 1997 when I studied web design in SA
and ended in 2004 when it became time for the Lord to bring down the walls.

Next 7 years prosperity, then Armageddon!?

 It was a year longer than Joseph's jail term.

  1. Alone with no intimate friendship - even with women who wanted to marry me.
  2. Uncompromised except with Marie - sexually and being willing to believe that the calling had been over to marry her.
  3. The Lord's faithfulness to protect me from being compromised.
  4. Provision: survival by stretching to the limit. There was even no blessing on Freek's money or the money I inherited from my mother.
  5. Open doors in Israel, after following leads - except for 8 months in  Nov 2000 to June 2002 and 2004.
  6. No doors opened outside Israel - no safety net except temporary provision -- leaving me unable to opt out, because there was just no way to survive outside Israel.  
  7. Like the Jews:- Israel the only option. Also: "waxing lean" as in Isa 17.
  8. Irregular lifestyle - not possible in marriage.
  9. Periods of nothing with lots of cycling - taught me perseverance_stamina.