Helping fellow Masons in trouble includes to avoid justice.

Pretends in the UK & US to be Christian but Lucifer is their god - the angel of light.

A lower Mason will not know of the secrets of a higher degree. Most members stay at low levels where the Bible is taught and secret ceremonies are performed re-enacting the events around Hiram Abiff, the Master Mason who built Solomon's Temple. These claim that he possessed a secret word - search of the word is the Mason's quest for salvation vs. the clear Biblical salvation via Jesus and His Word - since the sufficiency of scripture is denied, Jesus' name was not used in prayer & worship.

They wore a White lambskin apron with Mystery symbols, that symbolized their covering before God -  Pres. Truman wore one. Symbolic of a fig leaf = Babylonian paganism.

On joining a new degree terrible blood oaths are taken that become progressively worse and abhorring - not to betray secrets of Masonry. They try to recruit professing Christians and are the most successful with Baptists in US.

The higher they go the more they're drawn away from the God of the Bible = Deism - God withdrew after creation from the affairs of man. At best Jesus is regarded as a prophet, but not God. In Deism man needs no god - in fact, it is taught that through reason and secret knowledge (illumination ) man can become as God.

Other religions are (supposedly) equal to Christianity, being expressions of true deity. Exactly the same as in Gnosticism.

Royal Arch degree initiation: drink wine from a human skull. Also in Black Mass.

The 32nd degree = Knights Templar - become member of the "Ancient Arabic Order Nobles of the Mystic Shrine" (Shriners). Oaths of this order = Islamic, made to Allah. Believe the secret lost word was brought to the west from Mecca. Shriners have also adopted Islamic symbols, viz. scimitar & red fez.


Bluelodge Knights Templar

Fez & Scimitar
Fez & Scimitar

Moslems adopted the fez when they massacred the Christians in the Moroccan city of Fezin in the 8th century. This confirms the connection between Masonry and the Knights

Templars who merged Islamic ideas and E. mysticism into what was originally an Order of the Church of Rome. (Back UP)

Central = salvation by good works, although in higher Orders via initiation & illumination they become God, doing what they like = selfrighteousnous.

Mystery Symbols of Freemasonry

All-seeing eye and the sun

Outwardly rituals seem connected to the Temple of Solomon, but they actually enact Babylonian Mystery plays involving Isis & Osiris (the goddess mother & wife of Osiris the sun god) of Egypt. Nimrod is one of the founders of Masonry (Encyclopaedia of Freemasonry). The symbols are copied from the Mysteries.

The all seeing eye often in associated with the radiance of the sun. The eye was modeled on the one symbolizing the sun god Osiris.

Building & architecture - of Babylon and its fortifications

Nimrod was worshiped in the character of Ala Mohazim, the god of fortifications. Osiris, in like manner, the child of the Egyptian Madonna, was equally celebrated as "the strong chief of buildings" Ala Mohazim is in Dan 11:38 -the papacy honoring the god of "forces" or "Fortifications" = Nimrod.

Rose Croix

Dan 11:38 Instead of them, he will honor a god of fortresses (OT:4581)..NIV
OT:4581 ma` owz (maw-oze'); from OT:5810; a fortified place; figuratively, a defence (Strong's Numbers )

The Red Cross, the symbol of Rosicrucians of the Knight Templars (Crusading Order). In the 18th Century the successors of the Templars, esp. the Rosicrucians developed into Freemasonry.

Baphomet, half man, half goat - the ultimate god of Freemasonry and Templars - also Pan in the Mysteries & Capricorn in the Babylonian zodiac & the Goat of Mendes in Egypt. Freemasonry depicts Baphomet with a torch of fire coming out of his head - symbolizes powers of Lucifer. He also has a 5-point star as a pentagram on his forehead; viz. he is Satan himself..

The pentagram 5-point star is a common symbol of Freemasonry, witchcraft and Satanism. It symbolizes the horned goat Lucifer or Baphomet. The 12 stars of EU are also 5-point in a circle of Tammuz - yet the flag was chosen to represent Mary -- the pentagram was originally a symbol of the goddess Venus, who served as a model for the Virgin Mary. (Venus travels a celestial pathway in the form of a pentagram. The pentagram is the symbol of the American Masonic group for women, called "The Eastern Star" = the sign of Venus or Baphomet. The letters F, A, T, A, L on the points = "Fairest among Thousands, Altogether Lovely."

Other names for the god of Masonry: Jabulon,

a perverted Babylonian concept of the Trinity = Jah (God of Israel), Bul (Baal) & On (another name for the Egyptian sun god. Abbadon (Hebrew), the angel of the bottomless pit:

Rev 9:11 Their king is the Prince of the bottomless pit, whose name in Hebrew is Abaddon, and in Greek, Apollyon [and in English, the Destroyer]. TLB

Thus the god of FREEMASONRY is king over the demons of the bottomless pit.

Lucifer, the light-giver

Lucifer is openly worshipped in New Age & the occult (that developed from FREEMASONRY) - reversing the God and Satan in Genesis.

There is a striking parallel between present day deacons, pastors and church members secretly worshiping the god of FREEMASONRY and the vision in Ezek 8 of "creeping things abominable beasts in a secret room.


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