Communism having failed to aid the Vatican and the Jesuits, Fascism and Nazism were adopted to achieve their goals. It led to World War II, probably the greatest religious atrocity in history.

Fascism isn't the exact opposite of Communism as one would think, given their common ancestry. Fascism in its economic and social structures unites both state socialism and corporatist capitalism. … By taking the worst of both socialism and capitalism a powerful collectivist state is attained in which the individual has no role except membership of an approved or corporate body. It's also how the Church of Rome controls individuals.

Mussolini showed how small a step it is from Marxism to Fascism. During WW I he was a Marxist, but formed the Fascist Party in 1919 based upon Communist principles - soon after the Vatican made a special deal with him to support his party, in exchange for his promoting the Vatican to the prominent position it enjoyed before 1870. Mussolini became Rome's secular arm against their enemies. Jews, Protestants and even Freemasons suffered in various degrees under him and his "Blackshirts" - black uniform resembling the black dress of the Jesuits -- operating under the same type of ruthless discipline as the Jesuits.

The name Fascism has a strong connection with the pagan Roman authoritative system since it's name is derived from the Latin word "fasces" - the name for the Roman legal device of an axe-head whose handle is a bundle of rods tightly strapped together by a red sinew. It symbolizes the ordering of priestly functions into a single infallible sovereign.

The consummation of the Vatican's support for Fascism was the Concordat (Treaty) of 1929 between Italy and the Vatican. This granted the Pope the territory of the Vatican City, thus restoring the temporal power of the Pope as an absolute monarch. The Vatican also received a vast amount of money, financial benefits and securities. This gave the Pope a power base to expand throughout Europe and the world. State status made the Pope the head of a state and his ministers could enjoy full diplomatic freedom and immunity in foreign countries.

A banker named Nogora handled the Vatican's money and made immense gains from having "inside" information, viz. to invest in war industries in the run up to WW II. Its special status as a neutral nation and its activities in war-relief allowed the Vatican to transfer funds between opposing sides in the war, so as to ensure its investments ended up on the winning side. Mussolini's donation to the Pope has become the foundation of the Church's current financial influence and control, which has grown enormously.

The Fascist regime of Mussolini became the springboard for the rise of Fascism throughout Europe, viz. in Croatia against Mussolini and the Vatican's common enemy, the Serbs and the new State of Yugoslavia. Mussolini directly supported the fervently Romanist "Ustashi," a Fascist Croatian terrorist group led by Pavelic. They murdered the King of Yugoslavia in 1934 and the French Foreign Minister in Marseilles + other acts of terror and assassinations in Yugoslavia. The aim was the destruction of Yugoslavia and the formation of a Romanist state of Croatia.

Hitler's Third Reich

During the depressed financial state of Germany after WW I, revolutionary groups advanced their cause, viz. the Nationalist Socialist German Workers Party (Nazi Party) in Bavaria, led by Hitler. They called for separation from Germany that fitted the concept of a block of Romanist nations in Central and E Europe espoused by the Jesuit General, Von Ledochowski. Hitler was strongly influenced by the Church of Rome and supported by agents of the Vatican, and his spectacular rise had a lot to do with Pacelli, the Pope's special representative in that part of Germany - he became Pope Pius XII in 1939.

In 1933 Hitler became German Chancellor - aided by the Nazis' acts of intimidation and the support of the Church of Rome and the Jesuits. A key supporter of Hitler was also the Pope's Privy Chaimberlain, Von Papen, a leading figure in the Romanist "Zentrum" Party. He forged an alliance with Hitler, leading to his becoming Hitler's deputy as Chancellor. With the combined votes of their parties they managed to dismantle the German constitution and democracy in 1933 to create a one-party Nazi state known as the "Third Reich."

The new Nazi government was also quick to sign a Concordat with the Vatican that granted the Church of Rome special privileges within Germany. Von Papen boasted to the world, "the Third Reich is the first power which not only recognizes, but puts into practice, the high principles of the Papacy.

Indeed, the very term "Third Reich" speaks of the re-birth of the Holy Roman Empire - that was enlarged by Hitler forcing a unification with Austria in 1938 by subversion and active support of the Romanists and Jesuit Bishops in Austria. It rejoined the two great Germanic nations. Hitler's brutal regime was an attempt to establish a united Europe by force. This was another form of a New World Order that was later the model for the EU - in modified format. There are actually disturbing similarities between the Third Reich and the EU.

Franco's Spain

From Italy and Germany the Fascist terror spread to Spain in 1936. In preceding years many in Spain had turned against the excesses and corruption of the Church of Rome, demanding a secular government. The Spanish republic began to restrict the overbearing influence of the Church of Rome over all aspects of Spanish life. The vast wealth of the Church of Rome and the Jesuits came under severe threat.

In response the Vatican & the Jesuits took fearful revenge on those who had sought to reform the activities of the Church of Rome. The Vatican's man to do this was Gen. Franco, backed by Hitler & Mussolini. In 1936 he invaded Spain from Morocco with a large Muslim army, with the full backing of the Church of Rome - again showing the links between the two religions. Franco's final victory in 1939 was the direct result of military support from Hitler. The Spanish Civil War left multitudes dead - of many Romanists  as well, who had opposed the purposes of Rome and the Jesuits.

Death of Pius XI

In 1938 this aging Pope was expressing deep regrets for his support of Nazism & Fascism and he was to read a statement denouncing Hitler & Mussolini on 12 Feb. 1939, but died on 10 Feb. from a sudden deterioration of his health…

Following his death, the pro-Nazi Pacelli was elected Pope Pius XII. The way was set for Hitler's onslaught.

Tiso's Slovakia

Only days after Pius XII was appointed, Hitler invaded Czechoslovakia. The nation of Czechoslovakia, that was created after WW I, was broken up. Slovakia became a puppet Nazi state led by the Jesuit prelate Tiso. As head of Slovak nazi Party he declared, "Catholicism & Nazism have much in common and they work hand in hand to reform the world." Tiso had the dubious distinction of being the first Nazi leader to deport Jews to Auschwitz.

The final act of aggression that ignited WW II, was Hitler's invasion of Poland - with tacit Vatican approval. Britain and France finally awoke to Hitler's true policies after a period of appeasement led by Chaimberlain, the British PM.

So, Spain & Poland had to be sacrificed as pawns for the supposed "greater glory of God."

Note that the Church of Rome played a direct role in the collapse and betrayal of France and Belgium.

The Croatian Holocaust

In 1941 Germany invaded Yugoslavia, that quickly collapsed due to infiltration of the nation and government. Croats strongly supported the invasion - being mostly Romanists. It was at this point that the Ustashi terrorists led by Pavelic came to the fore. He became head of the new puppet Fascist state (Independent State of Croatia) - with full support of the Archbishop of Zagreb and the Church of Rome.

A murderous reign of terror began against the Jews, Gypsies and large Serbian minority - because they were E Orthodox. The persecution was therefore not just racial, but also religious - in the most brutal way, with Roman clergy encouraging and even participating, viz. Franciscan Brother Filipovitch, chief of the Jasenovac concentration camp.

The aim of the genocide was to rid Croatia & Bosnia of Orthodox Serbs. In this the Fascists had an alliance with the Bosnian Muslims to massacres Serbs - who answered in kind. This conflict was recently repeated by the same players - with a heavy pro-Croat media bias and the truth hidden.

Hitler and the Occult

There was a connection between Hitler's Third Reich and the New World Order, namely his close connection to the Occult - almost Satanic in nature, especially in his hatred of God's people the Jews. He was initiated into the occult by Eckart and he read many occult books, especially Blavatsky who greatly influenced his thinking - in particular his theories of the superiority of certain races that were based on her root-race theory derived from E. Mysticism - viz. the Hindu case system.

The original Nazi symbol was the skull & cross bones - dropped in favor of the swastika, except for the SS forces. The swastika is a form of the cross used in Transcendental Meditation. In this form of E Mysticism, a mantra or prayer is chanted in Sandscrit (an ancient Indian language) in front of the swastika - to the "shining one," to invoke Lucifer or Satan.

The Nazi flag employs the swastika in the center of a white disk set in a red background. This is the appearance of the sun set in the red color of the Babylonian Mysteries. It bears a striking resemblance of the round cakes of or Romish "Host" inscribed within a cross.

The swastika is also a Masonic symbol. Hitler's teacher, the Austrian magician Liebenfels, chose it in 1907 for a new occult society called "The Order of the New Templars," a Germanic version of the Knights Templar. The swastika was also the heraldic sign of the Administrator (a Romanist priest) of the Abbey at Lambach, where Hitler sang as a choirboy. Again we see the path of the occult and Rome joining up.

Nazism & the Jesuits

Hitler's policies were also the strategic aim of the Jesuit Gen. Ledochowski, and the Jesuits cooperated with the Fascists. Hitler's "Mein Kampf" was actually written on his behalf by Jesuit priests.

Hitler said: "Above all I have learnt from the Jesuits, and so did Lenin too… The world has never known anything as splendid as the hierarchical structure of the Catholic Church. There were quite a few things I simply appropriated from the Jesuits for the Nazi Party."

Hitler's feared SS troops and the Gestapo were also closely connected with the Jesuits. Hitler referred to Himmler, who headed the SS, as "our Ignatius of Layola." The SS's black uniforms were based on the Jesuits' robes and many Jesuits participated in the SS - including Himmler's uncle who was a senior SS officer and a Jesuit priest. The SS skull and cross bones also appears at the ceremony of the Jesuit oath

Hitler's anti-Semitic policies also point to Jesuits. For a number of years prior to Hitler's rise the Jesuits had been encouraging anti-Semitic feelings throughout Europe - anti-Semitism had been a frequent policy of the Church of Rome ever since the days of Constantine. The Romanist policy to persecute Jews is a long and bloody one, and Hitler's Holocaust was simply an extension of it. (Back to Jesuit#Doctrines)

Perverted Christianity Justifies the Holocaust

The Church of Rome had long taught that the Jews deserved to die for killing Jesus. Behind this absurd and vile facade, however, the real reason is the agenda to gain control of Jerusalem. The Jews' desire to reclaim Palestine was therefore a serious obstacle to the plans of the Vatican - as for the Romans' brothers in arms, the Muslims

By infiltration the (Lutheran) Protestant Church in Fascist states, the Church of Rome (for Hitler) ensured a policy of Protestant anti-Semitism. As a result the Jews today widely associate the Holocaust with Christianity.

A leading German theologian who sought to justify the Holocaust, was Kittel. Like his piers, Westcott & Hort, he was also involved in the occult. He is still a big danger to Christianity because of his perversions of Authorized Bibles and his Theological Dictionary of the NT (Greek) that has become revered in Evangelical circles. However, this dictionary is biased towards the occult and mystery interpretation of words. His ideas infiltrated new translations of the Bible, including the NIV.

The Vatican Switches Sides

When it became apparent in 1943 that Hitler was losing the war, the Vatican subtly shifted policy towards the Americans, including transferring much of its investments & wealth to America.

America was a great nation and could aid the Church of Rome crusade against Russia and the Communists. Pius XII and Cardinal Spellman in America were instrumental in inflaming the Cold War immediately after Hitler's defeat. John Dulles (Secretary of State) & his brother Allen (CIA) were devout Romanists and were strongly influenced by Pius XII and Cardinal Spellman and the Fatima prophecies. The anti-Russian frenzy that they whipped up nearly brought about a nuke war.

The papacy remained loyal to their previous allies in assisting Nazi war criminals' escape, by first sheltering them in Monasteries. The Fascist governments of Spain and S. America, that remained neutral in the war, served as havens for them. Western agencies also secretly assisted many of the fugitives to escape, including the Croatian Fascist leader Pavelic. Many Nazis were given immunity in the America "for giving intelligence or technical assistance in the fight against Communism and the Russians.

At the war-crimes trial in Nuremberg the Vatican interceded for many Romanists, leading to their acquittal.

In Communist controlled E. Europe the Vatican had no such influence and could not foil Archbishop Stepinac's imprisonment for war crimes and the execution of Tiso, head of the Slovak Nazi state. Rome later made Stepinac a Cardinal and turned him into an anti-Communist hero. Pius XII proclaimed that Tiso had been a martyr for "religious freedom."



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