Growth of the Oxford Movement

The advance of the Church of Rome in Britain was accelerated by the Oxford Movement Newman established in 1833. It soon seriously undermined the Church of England. At first there were changes to the order of services in isolated parish churches (with a return to the symbolism of Mass of the Church of Rome) and the founding of a few small convents. By the end of the 19th century this Rome-ward trend became widespread and pronounced.

Church members eventually didn't even know what their services looked like before the Oxford Movement "Romanized" them, even changing the layout of churches, with a raised and decorated altar, an ornate cross and candles. The word of God and the preaching of the Gospel were central to services; now the emphasis shifted to the "Communion" service that in most respects a copy of the Mass.

The way the Oxford Movement managed to make such inroads was by infiltration. A network of secret societies was set up that systematically undermined the Protestant position of the Church of England. Their avowed aim was to bring the Church of England back into the Church of Rome. They operated  in absolute secrecy, using secret symbols and holding closed meetings. The secrecy in which they operated was characteristic of their occult roots.

The undermining of the Church of England was done so covertly, that it was basically impossible for the leadership to notice what was going on.

It was only when a guide for "Father Confessors" was brought to public attention in the House of Lords in 1877 that the Church of England started taking notice. Some of the contents were so shocking that they couldn't even be recorded in Hansard - viz. intimate questions to women. Investigations were held, but the Church of England still didn't take decisive action -- mainly due to the secret societies already having penetrated the ranks of the Bishops of the Church of England.

This subversion at the same time also targeted the Church of Scotland, doing irreparable damage.

Occult Explosion in the 19th Century

It co-incided with the Roman Church gaining ground. A proliferation of numerous occult societies and groups, some declaring openly that they worship Lucifer and practiced witchcraft - all linked to the highest levels of Freemasonry and a return to the paganism of the Mysteries.

Viz. the "Theosophical Society" founded by a Russian woman, Blavatsky in 1875. She was a Freemason that shows that Freemasonry wasn't exclusive to men. Other senior Masons in the USA were its 1st leaders and members - including women leaders to serve as cover for expansion. The following from Blavatsky's book, "The secret Doctrine," shows the satanic nature of the movement: "The Great Serpent of the garden of Eden and the Lord God are identical. … Thus Satan, once he ceases to be viewed in the superstitious, dogmatic, unphilosophical spirit of churches, grows into the grandiose image of one who makes a terrestrial, a divine Man."

She is regarded as the "Mother" of the New Age movement.

Joseph Smith the founder of the Mormoms was involved in the occult and was a Freemason. Much of Mormonism is based on Freemasonry.

The founders of the Jehovah Witnesses, Russel & Rutherford were also Freemasons. In line with the NWO, their corrupted version of the Bible was called the "New World Translation."

The Second Reich

Following the defeat of France and overthrow of the Emperor of France (a Romanist), the Kingdom of Prussia absorbed the weaker German states to form a new Empire, the Second Reich. The King of Prussia claimed the title Emperor or Kaiser as in the Holy Roman Empire. But Prussia was Protestant, so the Pope aligned himself with the German Empire that gained strength by allying with the Austro-Hungarian Empire, a bastion of the Jesuits and the Church of Rome. Thus a powerful Germanic block favorable to the Pope was established in Central Europe early in the 20th Century.

Meanwhile France frustrated the Vatican and the Germans by allying with Orthodox Russia and Protestant Britain - which set the stage for World War I -- started by the Vatican to regain influence in Europe. Of particular concern to the Vatican, was the growth of Serbia and the Orthodox Church in Eastern Europe. The Vatican instigated Austria's attack on the Serbs - with special harshness. This was the prelude to the German onslaught of Belgium and France. Due to the participation of Britain, the Commonwealth and ultimately the USA, the Vatican's hopes for a German Reich, a new Holy Roman Empire, were shattered. Because of the complicity of the Vatican in the war, the Pope wasn't included in the negotiations that led to the treaty of Versailles following the war. Via this treaty many new nations were created in Eastern Europe - to the dislike of the Vatican.


It was a significant wartime event the Jesuits engineered in 1917 in Portugal. Note the following:

  1. Choosing the village of Fatima for the appearance and prophecies of the Virgin Mary was aimed to draw Muslims closer the Church of Rome.

  2. It boosted support for the Church of Rome in Portugal - which was dwindling in favor of religious freedom.

  3. The prophecy of the conversion of Russia to the Church of Rome paved the way for an onslaught on the Orthodox Church.

  4. It strengthened support from Muslim minorities in Russia and the German ally, Turkey.

  5. Gave rise to the Russian Revolution. It may seem strange to link the Vatican with Lenin and the Bolsheviks, but the evidence is compelling. Not only were the Bolsheviks linked with Rome, but also with the occult and Freemasonry.

Lenin was the leader of the Communist movement that Mazzini and Marx started, that was infiltrated by the occult. A link with the occult is provided by the name "Spactacusts" by which the Bolsheviksoriginally called themselves. Weishaupt The used word "Spactacus" as a pseudonym. Then there is also the red flag (special color of the Babylonian Mysteries) with a 5-pointer star, the symbol of Lucifer and Venus.

Lenin's main compatriots were Trotsky and Stalin. Trotsky was an exile in New York before the revolution, working for a Communist newspaper entitled, "The New World." Leading American financiers and Wall Street bankers helped him financially to get to Russia in 1917. They were, of course, linked to illuminized Freemasonry, as were industrialists who helped the Bolsheviks and supported Communism - even the President's closest advisor.

Stalin trained to become a priest in a Jesuit Seminary in Georgia that was riddled with the occult. After leaving the Seminary he became involved with an occult society. In later years after Lenint's death, his fearful rule and restructuring of Russia at the expense of millions of lives, bore all the hallmarks of the doctrine, "the end justify the means." The ends were to create a NWO and the means were death and destruction.

Germany provided crucial assistance to Lenin and many of his associates to transport them to Russia in the infamous "sealed train."

The Vatican also provided a large amount of gold to finance the Bolsheviks. The Jesuits had also infiltrated the Bolsheviks and incited them to execute a ruthless destruction of the Orthodox Church in Russia, including murdering many priests and the Russian Emperor who was a protector of the Orthodox Church.

A few years after the Revolution relations between the Bolsheviks and the Vatican broke down due to the Bolsheviks having made an accommodation with the Orthodox Church in return for the Czar's wealth. They also tricked the Vatican by keeping a large quantity of its gold intended for the Revolution. The Pope and the Jesuits were furious because they didn't manage to extend their power into E Europe. Instead it helped to create the Soviet Communist monster that persecuted E European Christians for decades to come.


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